Week 3 Project Update

Photo by Tony Hand on Unsplash

This month, I will be working to improve marketing and customer success for a small business called Double J Designs. Feel free to click around and see a full overview of my project here.

Week 3 of this month-long project is complete! Below you will find my weekly update of the progress I have made and what I have learned.

Here is What I Accomplished This Week:

This was my big accomplishment for the week being that it was one of the main things I was originally hired to do. I launched the website, promoted it on social media, and updated the information on the business cards.

What I Learned This Week:

What to Expect for Next Week:

I am excited for you to follow me and my progress as I wrap up this project next week!



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Katherine Hinz

My goal in life is that at the end, I can say I lived it to the fullest! I am constantly looking to learn, experience and explore new things that’ll grow me.